Concierge Veterinary Hospital of Naples is a privately owned, general practice providing additional auxiliary veterinary services on emergency and urgent care basis to our community.   We are here for emergency and urgent care needs if you veterinarian is unavailable or your hospital is not open.
We are currently only offering these services during normal business hours but we are very accommodating and are willing and able to see you right away. We do not believe in making our client's wait, especially when your fur baby is in need. If possible please try to call us so we can anticipate your need to expedite time at 239-777-7387. 

If indicated, we will suggest immediate first aid measures, and then give you specific directions to our facility. As a general practice, we also offer non-emergency services such as vaccinations, spaying, neutering and preventative medicine. We are also breeder friendly and will help guide you through a successful litter if the need presents itself.  

Our Primary Goal
We provide intensive care facilities for patients that are critically ill or injured.  Some of the emergency situations we encounter are: injuries associated with bone fractures, pets hit by cars, snakebites, seizures, poisonings, burns, electrocutions, near-drownings, shock, heat stroke, heart or breathing failure, bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty giving birth, and inability to pass urine.
Our services also provide prompt relief from other mishaps or ailments that may not be life threatening, but are painful or a cause for concern on the part of the pet owner.


Dog and his Vet

Emergency Priorities

On many occasions, CVHFL experiences a surge of emergencies. Our admitting staff triages all incoming patients and identifies those that have a life threatening condition. Those patients are immediately taken in and lifesaving measures are promptly initiated. In these situations, less critical cases may be asked to wait. We will examine all pets presented to us in as short a time as possible. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. 


Extended Care for Your Pet

Although some pets may be released to go home within a few hours of admission, many may require hospitalization, treatment, and tests. Your pets medical records will be faxed to your regular veterinary hospital, or to the hospital of your choice, if you decide on transferring to a specialty hospital or your regular family veterinarian.